Our Mission

Power of practice

You strive to do everything you can for students, but there are only 24 hours in the day. Our mission is to defy that limit. We make it possible to give students unlimited practice and instant feedback without being overburdened with work.

You'll feel the difference. Students become intrinsically motivated to fix mistakes and proud of their improvement. You see struggles and mastery with more clarity. New conversations open up that focus on a growth mindset.

Why We Started Class Companion

A message from our CEO

I have amazing educators in my life. My mom and mother-in-law were English teachers, and I still keep in touch with my Deerfield High School teachers (Go Warriors!). As a writing tutor, I appreciate the heart that goes into detailed feedback.

I understand that you work evenings and weekends to fulfill your commitment to every student. That’s why we started Class Companion.

We’re dedicated to empowering you. Everything we build is in partnership with educators like you, who've shared ideas, cheered us on, and helped us improve. We promise to put you first as we continue the journey together.

Co-Founder and CEO, Class Companion

AI cannot replace teachers.

The relationship between teacher and pupil is age old; such human connection, respect, and accountability cannot be replaced with computers.

We feel fear and uncertainty about AI. At the same time, we tell ourselves that the only thing to fear is fear itself. Every technological innovation is a double-edged sword.

Let us work together, engage in discourse, and boldly experiment to shape AI in service of our students, our community, and our values.

Our Values


Listen to teachers and students. We invite you to join our community and share your thoughts. You may find kindred spirits.


We fix real and urgent problems for teachers and students. Technology is the means and not the end.


We don’t let perfection be the enemy of progress—but we also hold ourselves to high standards. We keep at it and try, try again.

A glimpse in the life of a Class Companion teacher

Bruno uses Class Companion almost everyday with his students.