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FDR’s Address
FDR’s Address
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Briefly explain one difference between FDR’s response to the Great Depression and Hoover’s, based on this excerpt from FDR’s inaugural address.


FDR believed it was the government’s responsibility to jumpstart the economy, whereas Hoover believed the economy would correct itself through businesses

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Prompt: Evaluate the relative importance of causes of migration in the 19th century

The most important cause of migration in the 19th century was the industrial revolution.

Class Companion

Good start! Now, try to provide rationale for your claim. How did the industrial revolution lead to migration?


Because it created new job opportunities, so people immigrated and moved to the city.

Class Companion

Let’s put that together: “The industrial revolution was the most important cause of internal migration...

Fiona's essay
Prompt: Evaluate the extent to which United States foreign policy maintained continuity as well as underwent change between 1920 and 1941.
Essay submission

The trauma of World War I contributed to a widespread public opinion in the U.S. against involvement in foreign wars. This was reinforced by the economic depression, which further reduced the nation's willingness to engage in overseas conflicts.
By the 1930s, the Great Depression and the memories of World War I had pushed American public opinion and policy toward even greater isolationism...


Your analysis does a good job of connecting the evidence to your argument that the U.S. was committed to isolationism. To earn full points, you can demonstrate complex understanding by discussing...

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Tokugawa Shogunate
Columbian Exchange
Maritime Empires
Class Companion

How did European states maintain their maritime empires?


Europeans maintained their maritime empires using officials that were appointed to govern and make sure economic dues were paid. They could strengthen their official's position by forming alliances with the local government as well.

What was...
Why did...
How did...
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Aidan, you’ve improved so much in the way you connect pieces of evidence to your arguments. Keep it up!

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Who would likely oppose the Clean Air Act and why?


Environmentalists and scientists because they might argue the Act does not go far enough to protect the environment and the public’s health.

Class Companion

That’s incorrect. This legislation is more likely to face opposition from local governments who want to maintain autonomy or from businesses who could face increased costs.

What was the clean...
Why did the clean air...
Who would likely opp...
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