Human Geography

Explore the patterns and processes that have shaped human understanding, use, and alteration of Earth’s surface. You will learn about the political, economic, and social development of the world.

Unit 1: Thinking Geographically

1.1 Introduction to Maps

1.2 Geographic Data

1.3 The Power of Geographic Data

1.4 Spatial Concepts

1.5 Human-Environmental Interaction

1.6 Scales of Analysis

1.7 Regional Analysis

Unit 2: Population and Migration Patterns and Processes

2.1 Population Distribution

2.2 Consequences of Population Distribution

2.3 Population Composition

2.4 Population Dynamics

2.5 The Demographic Transition Model

2.6 Malthusian Theory

2.7 Population Policies

2.8 Women and Demographic Change

2.9 Aging Populations

2.10 Causes of Migration

2.11 Forced and Voluntary Migration

2.12 Effects of Migration

Unit 3: Cultural Patterns and Processes

3.1 Introduction to Culture

3.2 Cultural Landscapes

3.3 Cultural Patterns

3.4 Types of Diffusion

3.5 Historical Causes of Diffusion

3.6 Contemporary Causes of Diffusion

3.7 Diffusion of Religion and Language

3.8 Effects of Diffusion

Unit 4: Political Patterns and Processes

4.1 Introduction to Political Geography

4.2 Political Processes

4.3 Political Power and Territoriality

4.4 Defining Political Boundaries

4.5 The Function of Political Boundaries

4.6 Internal Boundaries

4.7 Forms of Government

4.8 Defining Devolutionary Factors

4.9 Challenges to Sovereignty

4.10 Consequences of Centrifugal and Centripetal Forces

Unit 5: Agriculture and Rural Land-Use Patterns and Processes

5.1 Introduction to Agriculture

5.2 Settlement Patterns and Survey Methods

5.3 Agricultural Origins and Diffusions

5.4 The Second Agricultural Revolution

5.5 The Green Revolution

5.6 Agricultural Production Regions

5.7 Spatial Organization of Agriculture

5.8 Von Thunen Model

5.9 The Global System of Agriculture

5.10 Consequences of Agricultural Practices

5.11 Challenges of Contemporary Agriculture

5.12 Women in Agriculture

Unit 6: Cities and Urban Land-Use Patterns and Processes

6.1 The Origin and Influences of Urbanization

6.2 Cities Across the World

6.3 Cities and Globalization

6.4 The Size and Distribution of Cities

6.5 The Internal Structure of Cities

6.6 Density and Land Use

6.7 Infrastructure

6.8 Urban Sustainability

6.9 Urban Data

6.10 Challenges of Urban Changes

6.11 Challenges of Urban Sustainability

Unit 7: Industrial and Economic Development Patterns and Processes

7.1 The Industrial Revolution

7.2 Economic Sectors and Patterns

7.3 Measures of Development

7.4 Women and Economic Development

7.5 Theories of Development

7.6 Trade and World Economy

7.7 Changes as a Result of of the World Economy

7.8 Sustainable Development